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Air Hong Kong (AHK) operates a fleet of 15 Airbus A300F and A330F freighter aircraft, on a Hong Kong hub centred route network.

Pilot Careers with Air Hong Kong


The professionalism of AHK pilots is one of the keys to our business success. 

AHK is always looking for opportunities to expand its business, and to ensure AHK is able to meet these business opportunities, pilots with the following qualifications are invited to apply to AHK.

  1. HK PR pilots to First Officer positions. AHK continues to recruit HK Permanent Resident (HKPR) pilots with previous airline experience as First Officers onto the A330 Fleet. Previously HK rated A320 and/or A330 HK pilots are preferred.

  2. Non-HK PR pilots to First Officer positions. To meet growing business demand, AHK also accepts applications from non-HKPR status pilots who are willing to relocate to HK. Subsequent employment will be subject to approval of the HK Government authority.


The current Fleet includes 8 x A300F aircraft and 7 x A330F aircraft (5 x A330-300 P2F and 2 x A330-200F). A further 4 x A300F will exit service in 2023, and will be replaced by four additional A330-300 P2F aircraft later in 2023, with further A330-300 P2F deliveries planned in 2024. Most of the A300F aircraft have been operated by AHK since new.

AHK Features:

  • AHK provides a reliable roster that offers a great work/personal life balance. 

  • The opportunity for pilots to work in a small airline with a people oriented culture, where pilots are highly respected, and their contributions are valued.

  • The opportunity for pilots to maintain their flying skills, and to continue a flying career with a successful airline in the current environment.

Our A330 type rating training is conducted for us by our partners Cathay Pacific, or CAE. We conduct our own A330 recurrent training. 

Career Progression:
Pilots normally join as "First Officer 1" and will serve one year under probation. If the required standards are maintained, First Officer 1 ranked pilots will be promoted to the rank of First Officer 2 after a total of two years of service. Subject to satisfactory performance, promotion to Senior First Officer is usually after a total of three years of service. Selection for Command is driven by operational requirements and assessed individual suitability, in seniority order subject to individual fleet manning needs.  

The normal AHK operation to support the DHL Express network sees most flights, departing the Hong Kong hub at 0300-0500 local time, and arriving at the outports 2-4 hours later. The aircraft remain at the outports during the day, then fly back to Hong Kong late evening, the crew resting during the days at the outports in quality hotels. There are also some other day/evening local time flight patterns.

Cargo is predominantly DHL Express freight; and AHK is highly focused on achieving on time performance. AHK also operates a small number of dedicated charter flights on behalf of Cathay Cargo.

AHK rosters offer steady blocks of days on/days off cycles. Each work cycle consisted of either one to three sectors each night, reserve duties, and recurrent simulator/ground training when due. Target monthly flying rate is 55 hours. The nature of the normal AHK express cargo flying operation is such that changes to the commencement of duty cycles are rare. These cycles and targets are not contractual and may vary should the DHL Express operating plan change, however AHK's principle is to roster predictable days on/days off cycles.

Crew Rest:
To support fatigue mitigation, AHK provides quality airport-convenient hotel accommodation from 11 hours prior to the commencement of the first duty event during each work pattern.

Pilot Basing and Domicile:
All AHK pilot positions offered are HK based. Pilots are required to pay HK tax, and are responsible for paying any other taxes that may be required due their own circumstances.


AHK Culture:
One of AHK’s competitive advantages is a highly engaged team culture, especially amongst our pilot community. AHK pilots go above and beyond the call of duty to get the job done, safely and on time. AHK seeks pilots who have a can-do attitude, a positive outlook, and who will be a good fit with our current agile, flexible, and proactive pilot workforce. AHK is proud of maintaining a diverse work place.


Safety performance data shows AHK maintains a high standard of flight operational safety. AHK expects our pilots to maintain a high standard of professional knowledge, prepare thoroughly for each flight, function effectively in a diverse team, operate according to our published procedures, and honestly report all hazards and incidents. In return AHK supports a non-punitive safety culture, and seeks only to learn from the windows into our operation provided by all incidents.


The ideal candidate for First Officer positions will meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Hold a valid ICAO Commercial Pilot's Licence (CPL) together with a 'frozen' ATPL i.e. has passed all ATPL examination subjects

  • Have a minimum of 3000 hours flying experience

  • Have a minimum of 1000 hours jet experience

  • Hold a valid multi-engine instrument rating

  • Hold a current Class 1 medical certificate

  • ICAO level 4 fluency in spoken English

    • Documentation of receipt of a HK Government recognised Covid-19 vaccination course, to include the 3rd (booster) vaccination for those eligible.


Hong Kong Permanent Resident status is preferred, however AHK also accepts applications for First Officer positions from non-HK residents who are willing to relocate to become resident in HK.

Details of the contract for new joining First Officers, and compensation increases with career progression, will be provided at the time of job offer. As a reference, the projected annual earnings (basic pay, fixed allowances, productive pay) for our entry level First Officer 1 is approximately US$140,000, assuming a normal productive flying hour target of 55 block hours per month is met (except for months with leave and ground training). Subsistence expenses incurred while performing duties away from Hong Kong will also be covered.


AHK pilots enjoy the following benefits:

  • A medical insurance scheme for pilots and their families providing worldwide coverage of medical care/specialist services/dental/ hospitalisation expenses

  • Employer contributions to a pension scheme

  • 28 Annual Leave days

  • Life insurance and Personal Accident Insurance policy

  • Loss of licence insurance

  • Subject to load, unlimited network wide staff travel access for pilots and immediate families on parent airline Cathay Pacific Airways, including premium economy and business class access. Similar retiree travel benefits for long serving employees

  • MY ID TRAVEL concessionary staff travel access on selective interline flights


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