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Air Hong Kong gets its first home-grown commanders

A lunch at Cathay City Catalina's on 14Dec05 marked yet another landmark for Air Hong Kong.  Special guests at the lunch were Captains Chang Mun On and Simon Wu - the first two First Officers to be promoted internally to Captain since we began to operate our new A300-600GF fleet in 2004.

Capt Chang and Capt Wu, both Singaporeans, say they joined after seeing a good opportunity to further their careers with a small but dynamic regional carrier.

"It's a good feeling to get promoted and I see a lot of growth potential with AHK," says Capt Chang.

Capt Wu says it's quite an accomplishment that AHK is already flying to seven stations regionally, "and it feels like we're growing with the company," he says.

Both agree that having the support of various departments - and the weight of CX - behind the operation has been a boon.

Photo shows AHK and DHL managers joined the two new Captains for a celebration lunch at Catalina's.