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AHK win Airbus Award for Operational Excellence for the 2nd time

AHK received the Airbus A300/A310 Freighter Operational Excellence 2007-2009 Award during the Airbus Technical Symposium held in Bangkok. 

In selecting AHK for the Operational Excellence Award, Airbus conducted a detailed technical analysis of all carriers in the Freighter category.

The awards selection criteria are based on two year’s operational data and take into consideration the number of aircraft in the company's fleet, the daily usage rate, technical reliability and the number of flight delays due to operational circumstances.  

AHK recorded the highest indicators for operational reliability, reflecting our high maintenance and technical standards.   

AHK won the same award for the year 2005-2007. 

Pictured below receiving the award on behalf of AHK Air Hong Kong Limited is the AHK Manager Engineering Mr. Dave Ng.

Representatives from Cathay Pacific Engineering and HAECO Assets Management were on hand to share in the accolade.